At Quorum, we recognize that every man is built differently – so we custom tailor Suits, Jackets and Shirts that fit every man.

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Like you, we know that it is the details that set a classic garment apart from the rest.

We offer a full range of custom details including full surgeon cuffs on our jackets, unique french cuff treatments and custom stitching options on our shirts, and rare antique buttons. at QUORUM you are free to add just the smallest bespoke detail, or to make a full-blown sartorial statement that no one else can match.
And for prices that start at or below many off-the-rack options, a QUORUM custom tailored suit, shirt, jacket or tie will deliver sartorial value for years to come.
Come in for a complimentary cappuccino and measurement – we’ll keep your details on file so we can efficiently create future garments to suit the occasion.